8052093_origSo, your wee one isn't so wee now and is diving face first into the exciting world of solid foods. As the taste adventure begins, so too must your exploits in dealing with the "new" mess in the cloth diapers. Have no fear - there are lots of options! You can do the "dunk and swish" in the toilet or use a bio liner....not so keen on those approaches? How about a diaper sprayer? The AMP Diaper Sprayer easily attaches to your toilet and lets you spray away any solids in a flash! We also have the bumGenius diaper sprayer. Both of these are amazing quality and you can't go wrong with either. Bottom line: cloth diaper sprayers will make your life easy peasy when it comes to diapering a munchkin in cloth who is munching on solids. Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash