I'd like to dedicate a post to Wraps. These wonderful carriers are nothing new, the concept of wearing our babies is an age old one, but it is not always an obvious choice for parents.

There is the obvious fact that it allows us to be close to our babies and have our hands free to get some chores done (Yea right!) or play with older kids... or whatever it is you need to get done that day. But there is much more to them than that. Being close to your baby (any care giver, not just mommy), strengths bonds, makes parents more attentive, allows for more interactions, and provides a feeling of safety for your baby. The closeness of mothers and babies actually allows them to shape one another's behaviour, leading to many more positive emotions and interactions.

Check out the CuddlyWrap by Peapod. This wrap is made from 100% organic cotton, and can be used from birth to Toddler. It comes in many different colours, and most importantly is extremely safe and easy to use. Baby sits safely on your chest, allowing for lots of bonding time. For more info watch this video.

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