The BumGenius brand has become a staple in most cloth diapering homes, yet I have recently discovered that Mini-Kiwi One Size Pocket Diaper is quite comparable, if not better! It is sized similarly, and almost as trim as it's BumGenius counterpart. Why this post you may ask? Well, personally, I'm a huge fan of natural fibres: they are easier to clean and can be extremely absorbent. The Mini-Kiwi One Size Pocket has the usual waterproof outer layer, but it's inside that counts! The insert boasts 3 layers of bamboo, and I have to say - there is no leaking to be had here! The included newborn insert is an excellent booster for an older baby, and works well for overnights and naps. While the instructions included advise un-stuffing is required before washing - I have found that this is actually not necessary. The inserts do work their way out of the diaper quite well in the wash, as long as the load isn't too large!

A bonus feature is the newborn fold down snaps to accommodate the umbilical cord - something most pocket one size diapers lack! 

All in all, a great buy that should last comfortably from birth (actually!) to potty. Added bonus, this is made right here in Canada!!

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