Let’s face it – caring for our babies can get expensive fast! But  cloth diapering is one way to save major bucks.

Most babies go through more than 7,200 diaper changes in the first three years of their lives. This adds up to an average of nearly $3,300 in an mid-range disposable diapers over those three years. If you use other diapering systems, specialty disposables, or a cloth diaper service, that amount can easily be even more.

However, if you choose to purchase your own cloth diapers and launder at home, the average cost for three years ranges between $900 - $1,500 - for a savings of about $2,000-2,500! And if you use your diapers for more than one child, the savings multiply three- or four-fold.

Here’s a quick look at the numbers for different systems:

For a mid-range disposable, considering the addition of wipes and accessories for each age range:

0-3 months = $478.80
3-6 months = $320.40
6-30 months = $1929.60
30-36 months = $561.60 (toilet training)
TOTAL of 7200 diaper changes for 3 years = $3290.40

For various cloth diapering options:

Most Economical Set (Prefolds) + Covers + Snappis + Accessories = $393.48
One Size Pocket Diaper (bumGenius) Set + Accessories = $773.62
A perennital favourite and easy to use Diaper Diaper Set (Fuzzi Bunz) + Accessories = $941.35

Beyond paying for the diapers and accessories themselves, the average cost of laundering your diapers every two days, including the cost of running your washer and dryer and buying detergent, is $3.42 per week over those three years. Sixty-one percent of that cost is dryer usage, so if you line dry when you can, your savings will certainly add up!

A great way to start to build your collection of cloth diapers is to create a gift registry and let your friends and family know.  And let the practical, useful gift giving begin! 

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