Aside from purchasing cloth diapers, there are a few other accessories that we consider essential to setting you up for success. Here are the cloth diapering accessories that we recommend you purchase:

Flushable Liners or Diaper Sprayer

If you have an exclusively breastfed baby, poopy diapers can simply be tossed directly into your diaper pail as breastfed poop is completely water soluble. If you are formula feeding, or your baby has started solids, you’ll definitely want to check out flushable liners or a mini-shower.

Flushable Liners make dealing with poopy diapers an absolute breeze. Just lift up the liner and drop in the toilet, or turn your cloth diaper over and let it drop into the toilet. No scraping, no fuss! If there is a bit of residual poop left on your diaper, don’t worry about it. Your machine will take care of it!

Another option is a diaper sprayer, which attaches right to the toilet. You can spray your poopy diapers and then just toss the diaper into your dry pail along with the rest of them.

Diaper Pail Liners

Diaper pail liners are fantastic! These are placed inside your diaper pail or can be left to hang behind a door if you prefer not to use a diaper pail. They provide a wick-proof, odor-resistant option for storing your dirty diapers between washing. The best part? When it’s time for laundry just carry the liner (kind of like a large duffel bag) and empty it inside out into your washer. Leave your pail liner inside the washer to be washed right along with your diapers! We highly recommend having two diaper pail liners so that you always have one in your diaper pail even if the other is in the wash.

Zippered Wet Bags

Zippered wet bags are a must have for cloth diapering parents on the go. They offer an odor and moisture proof solution for storing dirty diapers until you’re home again. The best part? Just toss the wet bag along with your dirty diapers into your dry pail at home. They can all be washed together. We highly recommend having two wet bags on hand so when one is in the wash, you still have another ready for use.

Cloth Wipes

At first thought, you might think cloth wipes are a pain, but we urge you to give them a try. They can be easily washed right along with your diapers and if you want you can even make your own natural solution to spray onto your baby’s bum when you’re changing a diaper. You’ll save hundreds and hundreds of dollars by using cloth wipes and they work wonderfully. If you’re out and about, you can moisten some cloth wipes ahead of time and put them in a baggie, or have a spray bottle in your diaper bag to use with them. Then just toss them along with the diaper into the wet bag.

Cloth Diaper Safe Detergent

It is imperative that you use the appropriate detergent to clean your cloth diapers or you will potentially have all kinds of undesirable problems ranging from leak issues to diaper rash on your baby’s tushie. Please consult our laundry care section for washing details and recommendations on which detergents to try.


Leave it to a dad to create an ingenious invention to replace diaper pins! The snappi is made of plastic and works wonders to keep prefold cloth diapers or contour cloth diapers in place underneath a cover.

Can I use diaper cream when I cloth diaper?

Yes, of course! However, we strongly recommend you use cloth diaper friendly creams. Any zinc or petroleum based creams (most drug-store creams) will coat the fibers in your diapers and cause repelling issues. Even when using a cloth diaper safe cream, we always recommend the use of a disposable liner with creams just to minimize the build up of the cream on the diaper material.

Check out CJs BUTTer or Dimpleskins bumbum balm.

All babies are susceptible to diaper rash. Did you know that babies in cloth diapers actually experience LESS diaper rash on average than babies in disposables?

Can I use disposable wipes?

Yes, of course you can use disposable wipes. We highly recommend you try cloth wipes, mostly because they are so easy and can be thrown into your diaper pail and washed right along with your diapers. Over time, cloth wipes are absolutely the cheapest option.

I'd like to use cloth wipes. Can you recommend a wipes solution?

One of our favourite cloth wipes solution recipes is as follows:

  • 2 or 3 drops of tea tree oil.
  • 1 teaspoon of Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Soap
  • 1 cup of Distilled Water / Water

Alternatively, you can just use water!

What will my diaper bag look like if I cloth diaper?

We recommend the following for your diaper bag:

  • Wet Bag
  • Cloth Wipes
  • Spray bottle with water / wipes solution
  • Changing Pad
  • Extra Diaper

You’ll see this list is remarkably similar to what you require with disposable diapers. The main difference is the inclusion of a water and odor-proof wetbag that you can throw your cloth wipes and dirty diapers into for storage until you get home.

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