We often get asked if it's possible to start cloth diapering from day one or if it's possible to cloth diaper a smaller newborn.  In short, the answer is....YES! The biggest consideration for diapering a newborn is containment.  This is key to success (meaning no leaks and the ability to confidently say to nay-sayers that it IS working out for you!). 

In the newborn phase, your baby is changed often and their bladders are not all that big, so super absorbency is as high on the priority. So how to you achieve great containment?  A good fit, particularly around the legs and waist, the ability for the fabric to absorb readily and the two barriers that a fitted diaper (like a Kissaluv Size 0) and a Diaper Cover (like a Bummis Super Brite) go a long way in extra insurance! And if you want to start from day one, you'll need to consider having a diaper that allows your baby's umbilical stump to be open to the air to heal.  Once it's healed (usually 1 - 1.5 weeks), having a diaper with a higher rise that covers the umbilical stump is absolutely fine.

Top rated on consumer sites like TheDiaperPin.com, the Kissaluvs Size 0 paired with a Bummis Super Brite is our first recommendation for parents wanting a functional and easy to use system for their brand new babies. Have a look at the video (caution - I can speak very very fast) and let us know what you think. 

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