audreyLadies & Gentlemen... the LIMITED EDITION bumGenius "Audrey" has arrived at New & Green!

Sadly though, as fast as she arrives, she's heading out the door. Why? For some reason, bumGenius took limited edition to a whole new level with this release. It was SO limited that many retailers couldn't even get stock (boo on that), and it also meant we sold out of these cloth diapers in record time.

So for those of you waiting, yes, indeed, we do have our first shipment of Audrey here in the bumGenius 4.0, freetime, newborn and flip cover. The elementals are a few days behind. So keep your eyes peeled for a ship notice if you are one of the lucky folks to have snagged one of these lovely cloth diapers. And here's hoping that moving forward bumGenius makes MORE cuteness so there's not such a crazy frenzy and shortage of cute cloth.

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