We have the Apple Cheeks Microfiber Inserts. What makes these Apple Cheeks inserts so great? Unlike many of the microfiber inserts that come with pocket diapers, the Apple Cheeks ones feature a layer of fleece on one side. This allows you to use the insert as part of a two piece diapering system, where you re-use your outer shell or cover. So for example, you can use an Apple Cheeks envelope cover, and then lay the microfiber insert on top, fleece side up. This will allow you to re-use the Apple Cheeks cover multiple times. You can also use these inserts in any cloth diaper cover of your choice! The Apple Cheeks microfiber stay dry inserts are one size, and affordable on top of that.   Apple Cheeks microfiber inserts, Apple Cheeks inserts, Apple Cheeks Canada Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash