shockedbabyWe often get questions about stripping cloth diapers. When should you do it? How do you know if you need to strip your diapers? These are all great questions. Let's de-mystify the art of stripping cloth diapers for you. In this post, we're going to talk about how you can determine whether you have build up in you diapers. In the next post, we will address how to strip your diapers to get them in tip top shape. How do I know if I have build up in my diapers? (1) You may notice over time that your diapers are not performing as well as they once did. Most notably, you may find that they are leaking, or that you have to change your baby much more quickly. This may be a sign of build up in your diapers. For example, over time not all the detergent may get rinsed from your cloth diapers. Over time, as more and more detergent builds up in the fibers, it interferes with the ability of the material to absorb. Then your cloth diapers can leak. Not good! No no, no one wants a leaking diaper! (2) You may find your diapers stink. They just might not smell as fresh as they once did. There can be different kinds of build up in the diapers. When you deal with detergent build up, your diapers just might not smell fresh when they come out of the wash. If you are dealing with ammonia build up, you will notice a strong smell after baby pees. It will almost make your eyes want to water!  Both are types of build up, and both need to be lifted from the cloth diapers. If you are noticing either of these issues, it might be time to give your diapers a good stripping! Read our next post on how to strip your diapers to learn what to do to get your cloth diapers back in tip top shape! Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash