We've talked lots here on the New & Green blog about organizing your diaper bag and how to cloth diaper when you're away from home, but what about those times (that we all dread) when you're caught unexpectedly and you aren't prepared to change a dirty diaper when your baby really needs it? An emergency diaper change kit to keep in your car is an excellent solution. Here's a list of items to keep in your emergency diaper kit and a few tips for keeping it ready.

What to Stock in Your Emergency Change Kit

First, get a waterproof storage container. You'll need somewhere to store all the items that will stay clean and dry no matter what the conditions in your vehicle. Containers such as a gallon-size Ziploc or a plastic storage container with a tight-fitting lid are excellent choices. Inside your storage container make sure you pack:  


Choose an older diaper to keep in your kit. Remember this is just for the times when you are left unprepared, so this doesn't need to be fancy (just practical) and can be an excellent use for a diaper that's seen better days but isn't ready to face retirement yet. Keep the kit "up to date" with the right size diaper. If you put a small diaper in the kit when your child is 3-months-old, but don't end up using the kit for nearly a year, the diaper in the kit will be too small for your baby. Make sure you check it every month or so to keep the right size in stock. This can also be a great place to use a one-size diaper - that way you can be assured you'll always have a diaper that will fit adequately without having to double check regularly. Make sure to replace anything that gets used. If you use the wipes to clean sticky, melted ice cream off your child's hands, make sure the kit is re-stocked with new dry wipes. If the diaper is used, put a new diaper in its place. This may seem obvious, but sometimes in the shuffle of a busy life, it's easy to forget these little details, but that's not so helpful the next time you're in need of a clean diaper and there is none to be found. If you've got more than one child in diapers, make sure your emergency kit has one diaper per child. Whether you use sized diapers (small, medium, large) or one-size diapers, make sure there's one diaper per child. You may be caught in a situation where both children need to be changed, and you'll want to be prepared. Consider keeping a large prefold as a change pad in the kit, as it can double as a diaper if you're really stuck for a long period of time! Have you ever been caught unawares while away from home and had to do some "creative diapering"? We'd love to hear your story! Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash