We recently did a Parent Review Panel on our Facebook Wall with a group of parents who tested out adding Taslie Cheeky Bum Wash + AMP Hemp Wipes to their clean up collection on their change table.  We had a range of age of babies (ahem: poop scenarios) and a range of parents who were using various wipes systems including disposable wipes.  Our Parent review panel provided some valuable feedback about the cleaning power and convenience of using this system.  We also got a sneak peek at their diaper change stations to see how they setup and organize their space with cloth wipes. Some feedback that stood out for us here at New & Green:
  • parents found that they could spray the Taslie Bum Wash directly on their babies bum and then use a wet or a dry cloth
  • parents reported that the Taslie Bum wash really "cut" through the mess well
  • parents liked the light grapefruit scent of the Taslie Bum Wash
  • one mom reported forgetting to take it one day on a trip out, using "natural" disposable wipes and being quite overwhelmed with the chemical smell of the disposable wipes after having used cloth wipes and Taslie for a few days in a row
  • all the parents loved the softness of the AMP wipes and found them to be effective at cleaning up
  • most parents found that they needed to use 2 wipes at a change as the AMP Hemp Wipes were a little smaller than what they typically used (good thing we're just re-washing them and not tossing!)
  • some parents reported that the wipes rolled up out of the wash; one parent found that after a week or so of use this didn't happen as much and folding was easier
Overall, our parent review panel gave both the AMP Hemp Wipes and the Taslie Bum Wash a high recommendation to add to your cloth diapering system as an easy and effective, waste-free way to clean up. Read parent reviews for Taslie Bum Wash. Read parent reviews for AMP Hemp Wipes. As a thank you to our parent review panel and to you for reading, we'd like to offer you 10% off Taslie Cheeky Bum Wash and AMP Hemp Wipes.  Use the code AMPWipesTasliePRP during checkout for your discount.  Offer valid on in stock items only and until November 25th, 2011. We'll be doing another Parent Review Panel soon; stay tuned for your opportunity to help other parents learn about the products offered here at New & Green. Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash