Today our featured mom is Gina. How old are you? I'm 30 What did you do (from a working perspective) before your baby arrived? I was an auditor and just received my CA (accountant certification) before going on mat leave. Are you currently at home with your baby/children or working in/out of the home? I am currently a stay at home mom and am working towards becoming a Hypnobabies instructor and doula. How old is your baby? Kaiden is 8 months :) When did you decide to cloth diaper? I started researching cloth diapers when I first got pregnant and decided that we would cloth diaper after taking the 101 workshop in my 2nd trimester. When did you start cloth diapering? Kaiden has been cloth diapered since day 1, the only disposable he has worn was the one the nurse put on him when he was born. What is your favourite diaper(s)? My favorite diaper changes all the time :)  Right now it's my Bum Genius 4.0's. My day in a nutshell Here is a peek into what a day looks like for us.  We don't keep to a schedule so all times are definitely approximate! 6:30 am - Kaiden wakes me up, I roll over and am greeted by a big smile!  Then dad gets up with him, changes his diaper and gets him dressed.  After that he keeps Dad company while he gets ready for work and I get a little more sleep.  :) Dad puts the diapers in the dryer (they were washed after dinner the night before). 7:30 am - Kaiden joins me in bed again and it's breakfast time.  He still has no interest in solids so he is still powered mostly by mommy milk.  Dad leaves for work. 8:00 am - Kaiden hangs out in the bathroom with me while I get ready for the day. I have perfected the art of showering and getting ready before Kaiden gets bored, which doesn't take too long. 8:15 am - Time for another diaper change and a little hang out naked time.  Kaiden LOVES being naked. 8:30 am - Now we have some fun.  Sometimes we play, sometimes we go for a walk, and sometimes we do both. 10:00 am - Kaiden and I hop into bed, he has another bite to eat, and I lay with him until he falls asleep. 10:20 am - Now I get to have a bite to eat, prep some food for dinner, and get as many other tasks that I can done before Kaiden wakes up. 10:50 am - Kaiden gets up and we chill for a bit in bed and then change his diaper. 11:00 am - This is where things get switched up.  Some days we just go for walks & play, sometimes we get adjusted by our chiropractor, sometimes we go to a La Leche League meeting or meet up with friends to visit, go for walks, snowshoe - it is always something fun and exciting! 1:00 pm - Kaiden will have another meal and nap while we are out.  Sometimes he skips this nap, sometimes he doesn't.  But it's definitely time for another diaper change. 2:00 pm - We're usually home by around this time and you guessed it, it's time to hang out and play again.  The dogs are also a great source of amusement in the early afternoon. 4:00 pm - Back into bed for another meal and nap after another diaper change. 4:20 pm - Sometimes I'll nap with him but if I sneak away I'll try to get in some computer time. 4:50 pm - Kaiden gets up and we'll play or hang out in the kitchen while I prep some more food for dinner. 5:40 pm - We suit up, go for a walk and meet dad at the train station.  If we have time we'll pop into the library on our way and read some books. 6:15 pm - Dad and Kaiden hang out and play for a bit.  This usually involves a ton of giggling and smiles, dad is way more amusing than I am.  :D 6:35 pm - Kaiden gets ready for bed and we put him in his night diaper. 6:45 pm - Kaiden and I read Good Night Vancouver. 7:00 pm - Time for bed and the final meal for the day (well, except for the 4 snacks he'll have throughout the night, hehe).  Once he's fallen asleep I'll sneak out. 7:30 pm - Mom and Dad make dinner, eat, and catch up on each others' day. 8:15 pm - Take the diapers out of the dryer and fold them together (ok, I should probably be completely honest, Dad does 95% of the diaper washing and folding) 8:30 pm - Before relaxing for the evening I get some work done. 10:30 pm - Time to go join Kaiden in bed.  

This interview was submitted on March 11, 2011.

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