We asked parents why they loved working with New & Green and this is what the Dad of this family told us:
"New and Green offers a fantastic mix of informative and responsive customer service and great products.  We attended the Diapering 101 course and then did a follow up with one of the staff to help us find the best options for our family and lifestyle.  We appreciated the guidance and ease of the service."
Thanks D, T and Baby E.  We love the opportunity to work with families like you! Baby E is sporting an infant sized Organic Cotton Prefold Cloth Diaper with a Royal Blue Snappi.  In this photo Baby is just a couple weeks old.  Organic Cotton Prefolds are the absorbent part of your two piece diapering system.  Baby E needs a waterproof cover over top to complete the system. Photo Credit:  Vairdy Photography.  Vairdy is a Vancouver Photographer who works with newborns, children & families. Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash