Many thanks to the close to 100 respondants that gave us the virtual thumbs up, wholeheartedly stating that they would recommend us to a friend.  We appreciate your kind words and are working through some more continuous improvement projects to ensure that we are delivering the best customer care possible. We've randomly selected a winner for the Shake it Up Pail Freshener and if it was you, you've been emailed.  Because we chose not to collect names with our survey and to protect everyone's email from spam bots we will not be publishing the email address of the winner. But if the winner would like to head to facebook and let us know what you think of the product, we'd sure like to hear. Again, thanks so much for your efforts in helping us to continue to improve and thank you for choosing us to support you through your diapering days.  Customer care is the centre of our business and it's what we love about what we do! Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash