No matter whether you have a front loader or a top loader, you've likely tried a few different things to get your wash routine just the way you like it. Today we're posting four hacks to help you know your machine even better.

For Top Loaders

Don't be afraid to change the amount of water you use. Often it's tempting to just set the machine on "extra large load" so that you've got tons of water for washing and swishing and rinsing. However, if you're washing only a day or two or diapers, especially if you use lots of pockets, it can make a big difference to reduce the amount of water so that the diapers aren't just swimming around, but are instead rubbing against each other, which is what gets them really clean. Change the temperature of your water heater, not just the dial on your washing machine. Many detergents activate most efficiently between 55-60° C (130°-140°F), including Rockin’ Green, which is also the range at which most bacterias are killed. If you reduce your water heater to this temperature range, you'll not only save money on your monthly bill, but you'll get the most efficient wash as well.

For Front Loaders

The secret in the detergent drawer... Many HE washing machines arrive in your home set to use liquid detergent. Some cloth diaper manufacturers even tell you that liquid detergent is the only way to really get your diapers clean - but you already know the right temperature, enough water, and an appropriate wash time is a dynamite combination with any type of detergent, as we've discussed several times in our laundry science series. It's easy to change your machine to accommodate a powdered detergent, such as Rockin' Green or Country Save. Just open the detergent drawer and either pop out the detergent cup or raise the bar that's there and you are now equipped to just scoop your powdered detergent straight into the detergent slot - no more fussing around dissolving your powdered detergent in warm water! Fantastic! Check out the Front Loader Database. We've written several posts on how to tweak your wash routine to make life easy with a front loader, but the owner of Rockin' Green Soap has taken it even a step farther. She has put together a database of different brands of front loader machines and specific wash routines that tend to work with each model. Check out the database, use the information, and submit your own routine if your own works well for you!  

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