One of the best perks to cloth diapering is the money you save by using reusable diapers instead of disposable ones. When you can use all those diapers for a second child, your savings are multiplied - not to mention you get to keep using all your favorites! Here are four tips for packing your diapers away to keep them fresh and protecting your investment.

Wash them with plain ol' hot water

Wash all the diapers to store away in a hot wash cycle without any detergent. This will make sure to remove any detergent residue that may be lingering on the fibres that can eat away at elastics and synthetic fabrics over time. It will also make sure you start without any residue when you unpack them again. Also, if you decide not to use them with another child, it makes them all the more ready to donate or sell!

Put the diapers through an extra dryer cycle

You want to make sure your diapers get packed into their storage containers completely dry so that no mold can grow. Put the diapers through an extra dryer cycle or outside for a full day on a hot, sunny day to make sure they are thoroughly dry all the way through, especially for fitteds and AIO's.

Use sturdy, dry storage containers

Rubbermaid-style totes are ideal for this situation, as they offer dry storage, keep insects and dust out, and protect the diapers in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as leaking pipes and flooding. Large garbage bags can also work, but be sure to store them off the floor and set them in a place where they won't get ripped open. Avoid cardboard boxes or baskets that can facilitate mold and mildew growth. In our moist BC climate, spores and fungi grow easily!

Store them in a temperature consistent place

Put your storage containers in a place that won't vary considerably through the seasons - that is, avoid damp garages, storage sheds that get super-hot and humid, and basement suite closets that have no air circulation. This will make sure moisture can't infest your lovely fibres to grow molds and mildew. Taking care of your diapers will ensure that they last you for years, saving you time and money. Do you have other tips for storing cloth diapers for long-term?

Photo credit - Robert S. Donovan

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