As the days are getting warmer and we enjoy the long summer days, it's easy to get inspired to line dry your diapers rather than rely on the dryer to do the work. The sunshine is great for your diapers, you can save money, and there are many ways to make the task work for you.

Inside or Outside?

Whether you choose to dry your diapers inside or outside doesn't matter - they dry equally well. When you dry your diapers outside, they get the benefit of the UV "bleaching," but they also can become stiff if they are dried in the direct sun. Drying inside minimizes the "stiffness" factor, but can be slower to dry. Basically, the slower the drying time, the softer the diapers will be (not to mention fresh!), so if you're drying outside and don't need to benefit of the sunbleaching, either stick the diapers in the shade or double them up.

A Rack to Fit Every Family

A drying rack - There are many varieties of drying racks, which you can find at pretty much any retailer from IKEA to to your local hardware store. Some offer multiple rods on which to hang your diapers, while others offer "shelves" of a sort on which to lay items flat. The advantage of a drying rack is that they are completely foldable, making them a "must" in small spaces and very versatile for where you can use them. Here are just a few varieties to give you some ideas: (Please note, New & Green does not have any connection with any of the companies or individuals listed nor do we endorse any of these products specifically. These links are provided for the sake of illustration only.) Tall adjustable rack with folding shelves Metal folding rack Wood and vinyl folding rack Metal and vinyl folding rack with "wings" Sandwich-board style folding rack Upside-down "double-V" folding rack A clothesline -This very traditional way to dry clothes outside is a perennial favorite among line-drying enthusiasts. The plus is that there is nothing to store, but you do need to have sufficient space to string a line. A clothesline can be as simple as a heavy rope tied between two trees or two chairs or as complex as a pulley system with heavy-gauge wire. A stationary, swiveling clothes rack outside can also be useful, especially if you don't have many places to afix a line. Whichever system you choose will only be dictated by the space you have available and your personal preferences. And of course, creativity is the name of the game. Sometimes, especially when traveling, you just have to use whatever is available! (Click through to see how one clever mama made do in her family's hotel room - thanks to Flickr user medigerati for the wonderful photo.)  

Line Drying Accessories That Make the Job Easy

Clothespins - Clothespins (also known as clothes pegs) are extremely useful, especially on a clothesline. If you make sure you have them ready and handy, say in an old handbag hung on a hanger or in an empty coffee can you can move along with your feet, hanging your diapers will be a breeze (not to mention they won't blow away in a breeze!). Clothespins come in various materials - metal, wood, bamboo, etc. - and in a variety of styles - slide on, clip on, pinch-grip, etc. They're generally quite cheap - $5-6 for a couple of dozen, though obviously that will vary according to material. Spray bottle - a spray bottle is useful too when line drying. If your diapers are getting too "crunchy" while they dry or are drying too fast, spritz the diapers with a fine mist. This will soften the outside while the middle continues to dry. What are your preferences when it comes to drying your diapers "au naturel"? What has worked well for you?

Photo Credit - simplyla

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