Just in time for Canada Day, we thought we'd point the spotlight on the diapers and accessories available at New & Green that are made right here in the Land of the Maple Leaf. And there's good reason to feel proud about these products - across the board, these are some of the best quality diapers on the market today, earning great reputations for excellent craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and sustainable manufacturing. All of these products are manufactured right here in Canadian factories, workshops, and studios offering fair wages to skilled sewers and designers. Way to go, Canada!  

AMP - Annie Marie Padorie

This mom-run business in Winnipeg provides hemp fitteds, the ever-popular Duo and One-Size Duo, and bamboo flats to New & Green. The hemp fitteds are soft and absorbent, the Duos are super-cute and known for fitting any baby well, and the bamboo flats add a touch of luxury to any diapering system.  


Bummis is perhaps the most recognized brand among cloth diapering parents across North America - and is based right here in Montreal. Bummis offerings at New & Green are extensive and include several covers - the Super Whisper Wrap, the Super Brite, the Super Lite, the Super Snap, and the Whisper Pant - plus organic prefolds (including a handy-dandy ready-to-go organic diapering kit and organic newborn packs), Fabulous wetbags, Fabulous diaper pail liners, fleece liners, training pants, and Swimmi swim diapers.  

Aristocrats wool covers

Aristocrats is based right here in BC and their double-layered wool cover, made of virgin, untreated, Canadian wool, performs unparalleled for naps and at nighttime, keeping babies dry, warm, and rash-free. A fantastic choice for parents wanting to use natural fibres against their baby's skin and for anyone wanting the best breathability available in diapering.


Muggabug hails from right here in the Lower Mainland and manufactures bamboo/cotton and wool doublers. The bamboo/cotton doublers excel at boosting the absorbancy of any diaper and the wool doublers are especially handy for extending the life of a wool cover.

Monkey Doodlez

Our wipe cubes come to us from the fabulous people at Monkey Doodlez just outside of Toronto and these wipes cubes make cleaning bums easy and squeaky clean. Just dissolve one cube in hot water, let the mixture cool, and then use it on your wipes to get all the uric acid and other rash-inducing agents off of your baby's skin. Even better, one jar of wipes cubes can last you months and months!

Organic Bum Bum Balm

Bum Bum Balm is made here in the Lower Mainland and is an all-natural, organic salve to soothe and heal any irritation - be it on your baby's bum or on your dry skin. This is definitely a best seller and a popular option among parents wanting an all-natural, non-petroleum-based, zinc-free diaper cream for their babies. It smells good too! One toddler we know repeatedly opens the container to smell it during his diaper changes and makes sure it gets packed in his diaper bag before going out. (Please note: Bum Bum Balm is fragrance- and chemical-free! The wonderful smell is merely due to the lovely oils used in its formulation - coconut, beeswax, jojoba, calendula, and lavender, just to name a few...)

Taslie Cheeky Bum Spray - NEW!

We've totally fallen in love with this new item here at New & Green, which is made right here in Vancouver. It's an all-natural spray that you use right on your baby's bum and simply wipe off with your favorite cloth wipe. It smells great, is toxin-free, is packaged in a BPA-free bottle, and is getting fantastic reviews. Made for happy babies and parents everywhere!   We hope your Canada Day celebrations will be full of family and friends and you'll have ample time to recharge your batteries. In amongst all the chatter and clamor, may you also have lots of opportunity to show off the lovely Canadian diapers that clad your baby's bum! Happy Canada Day! Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash