Today our featured mom is Michelle. How old are you? 34 What did you do (from a working perspective) before your baby arrived? Legal Administrative Assistant for a busy lawyer downtown Vancouver Are you currently at home with your baby/children or working in/out of the home? Working out of the home 4 days a week How old is your baby? 4 years (girl) and 22 months (boy) When did you start cloth diapering? When my daughter was 12 months old. What is your favourite diaper(s)? AMP One Size, for now...this seems to change as my son grows Tell us about your day 4:55 am - yawn, stretch and wake up to the alarm to get in the shower and get ready for work before my son wakes up at 5:45 (ouch!) 5:30 am - eat breakfast and get a cup of coffee (I get it ready the night before) 5:45 am - get Dexter out of bed and get him some milk 6:00 am to 7:20 am - rush, rush - get dressed, get kids dressed, change diaper (my nightime diaper lasts 12 hours - phew), brush teeth, pack cloth diapers for daycare (yes, I have a daycare that enjoys using cloth diapers, score),  pack clothes and extras for daycare, get shoes and coats on, get out the door to drop kids off at daycare 7:30 am - drop kids off at daycare, give hugs and kisses and run to the car to catch my 7:47 bus at Phibbs (I barely make it) 8:00 am to 4:00 pm - work all day (do yoga at lunch, another score) 4:00 pm - leave work to catch the 4:15 bus (I listen to music and read on the way home - ahhh!) 4:45 pm - pick kids up at daycare (count how many cloth diapers I have to bring for the next day) 5:05 pm - get home with the kids, get them settled, prepare dinner, eat dinner, clean up from dinner while the kids play (let's be honest, they mostly fight at this time of the day) 6:15 pm - bathtime (thank goodness they love bathtime) 6:20 pm - while the kids are in the bath put a load of cloth diapers in the wachine machine so everything will be dry and ready to go for the morning (cold soak and rinse, hot wash, cold rinse, cold rinse, hang all covers and machine dry inserts) 6:45 pm - get the kids out of the bath, get their pajamas on, sit down and play with them while they eat their bedtime snacks 7:45 pm - get ready for bed, brush their teeth, before bed pee, brush hair and put on Dexter's nightime diaper (AMP One size with Flip organic cotton insert and hemp insert) and hop onto Mom and Dad's bed for bedtime stories 8:00 pm - lay Dexter in his crib, give him his soother, turn on his noise machine and light machine, give kisses - goodnight 8:05 pm - Marisa gets another story 8:15 pm - Marisa goes to bed to read by herself before falling asleep (she is fully potty trained so no nighttime diaper for her) 8:30 pm - take diapers out of the washing machine, hang covers to dry and place inserts in the dryer 8:45 pm - 10 pm - get ready for work the next day (make lunch, pack yoga clothes), shower (sometimes) and try to sit down to relax a bit before heading to bed 10 - 10:30 pm - bedtime for me - finally

This interview was submitted February 10, 2011.

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