Today our featured mom is SB. How old are you? I am 35 years old. What did you do (from a working perspective) before your baby arrived? I am an Elementary School Teacher. Are you currently at home with your baby/children or working in/out of the home? I am at home on maternity leave. How old is your baby? My first child is 3 years old and my second is 3 months old. When did you decide to cloth diaper? I was interested in cloth diapering when baby number one was born but because of her medical issues, it seemed too overwhelming to get organized to cloth diaper her.  I made a commitment to myself to cloth diaper for baby number two. When did you start cloth diapering? I started cloth diapering when baby number two was a month old.  I would have started earlier but I didn’t realize that cloth diapers came that small.  I bought a bunch of Bum Genius and was told by a friend not to use them until baby was 10 lbs. What is your favourite diaper(s)? Right now… I love my Fuzzibunz for overnight because the snaps give a perfect fit every time and the inside liner holds all of the overnight pee.

Tell us about your day 5:00 am -  wake up before anyone else in the house is awake so that I can get a shower in… that’s the only way I can fit one in.

5:30 am - throw a load of dirty cloth diapers into the washing machine to soak in warm water… wake my 3 month old to change his cloth diaper and nurse him. 6:00 am - put my 3 month old back to bed to finish his sleep … make myself a cup of coffee and check my email while I have a few minutes of peace and quiet. 6:30 am – hear my 3 year old stirring in bed… turn the washing machine onto a hot water wash and add 2 scoops of Rockin' Green to clean my cloth diapers…  go up and get my 3 year old and set her up with a glass of milk and breakfast… kiss my husband goodbye. 6:45 am – empty and load the dishwasher… fold the laundry that was sitting in the dryer from yesterday … prepare my 3 year old’s snack and backpack for preschool … organize my diaper bag… basically get ready for the day ahead. 7:15 am – turn the washing machine onto a second rinse cycle for the cloth diapers…make breakfast for myself … and share it with my 3 year old (because really… do I ever actually get my own meal). 7:30 am – put the load of cloth diapers into the dryer and put a new load of clothes in the washing machine… convince my daughter to use the potty (potty training is still undergo)… help her brush her teeth… dress my daughter for the day… get myself dressed too. 8:00 am – wake my 3 month old to change his cloth diaper, get him dressed, and nurse him. 8:30 am – load both kids into the car to drop my 3 year old off at preschool. 8:45 am – drop off my 3 year old at preschool… take my 3 month old on a bunch of errands while he naps in the car seat (grocery shopping, drug store, drycleaners, book store, etc. and usually for a coffee too). 10:30 - change and nurse my 3 month old. 11:15 am – pick up my 3 year old from preschool … ask her all about her day … return home. 11:30 am – make and eat lunch (usually something that my 3 year old picks). 12:00 pm – turn the dryer on a second time to dry the cloth diapers (only because our dryer is SO slow at drying anything) … playtime for my 3 year old. 12:30 pm – take my 3 year old up to her room for her nap time routine (potty, story, lots of hugs and kisses for mom and baby brother)… put my 3 month old down for a nap as well (I can dream right!)… listen to my 3 year old make believe with her stuffed animals while I comfort my 3 month old. 1:00 pm – transfer clean clothes to dryer… fold and put away the VERY clean cloth diapers… check my email again with a hot cup of coffee beside me. 1:30 pm – change and nurse my 3 month old… then playtime with my baby. 2:30 pm – return calls and do any household chores. 3:30pm – hear my 3 year old stirring… go up and get her from her room… get her a snack. 4:00pm – playtime with both kids… alternating between something my 3 year old wants to do (usually crafts or make believe) and entertaining my 3 month old until he decided to nap. 5:00pm – greet my husband when he arrives home from work … start preparing dinner. 5:30 pm – change and nurse my 3 month old. 6:00 pm – thank my husband for finishing dinner prep… eat with my family. 6:30 pm – quiet play or watching tv for my 3 year old … washing dishes for me. 7:00  pm – both kids in the tub for a good scrub! 7:30 pm – bed time routine for my 3 year old … potty, brush teeth, story read by mom and dad … lots of kisses goodnight. 7:45 pm – finish any chores and get organized for the next day. 8:00 pm – change and nurse my 3 month old… put him to bed. 8:30 pm – YAY! some much needed down time… watching tv, reading a book, connecting with hubby. 11:00 pm – change and nurse my 3 month old one last time before bed. 11:30 pm – bedtime!

This interview was submitted February 10, 2011.

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