This diaper has recently been the star of our facebook parent review panel.  Designed by a U.S. company with German Engineering, this diaper really kicks it in the areas of trimness, airflow and absorbency. What's so special about the BabyKicks 3g Diaper:
  1. A pocket style diaper (you stuff it) with organic fabric next to your baby's bum.  That doesn't happen often, and according to our testers it's gorgeously soft.
  2. Fleece gussets.  The material around your baby's legs is made of a high density fleece.  This means that it's soft on your baby's chubby or lean legs and allows air to flow in and out (but not liquid).  This is great for maintaining healthy skin.
  3. One Size Organic Hemp insert.  Trim, and absrobent.  Love it.
  4. Newborn capabilities.  Yep, this one size diaper can be "hacked" into a newborn size.  It is not a begninner move, but can be done with practice.  Our gut feeling is that a second time cloth diapering mom would LOVE this as it means her newborn and toddler that's racing around can use the same diaper out of the diaper bag.  New-to-cloth parents may need a bit of practice getting this manouver down.  But it is do-able, trust us!  See images here and here to see how this works.
With four great colours and a white diaper with colour coded snaps, this is a great new diaper onto the diapering scene. Readd reviews from our parent review panel (bottom of page). See {adorable} photos of our review babies. Get your own to give it a try. Until April 8th, 2011 use the code BKSpotlight15 to receive 15% off your BabyKicks 3g Diapers. Valid on instock items only.  Cannot be combined with other offers. Interested in hearing about Parent Review Panel opportunities?  Head over to facebook and hit the like button.  That's where we make the calls. Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash