For some, prefolds are the “old fashioned diaper,” the diaper that represents the way cloth diapering used to be done. For others, they’re the best budget-friendly option and are used exclusively as the family’s diaper system. Regardless, there’s more to these Plain Old Diapers than meets the eye. Here are 12 reasons why they’re a smart choice for EVERY family (even if your family doesn't even use cloth diapers!). They’re an easy-to-carry changing pad that fits easily in any diaper bag. They’re perfect burp cloths. They’re great during potty training when it’s helpful to have just a little bit of “insurance” whenever your newly-trained child is sitting down (at the dinner table, on the sofa for bedtime stories, in the car seat, etc). When you’re done with your diapering days, they work exceedingly well for waxing the car and dusting the furniture. And if you want to actually use them as... well... diapers... then consider this: They offer a sustainable, natural fibre option for stuffing pocket diapers. Organic cotton and hemp offer the most ecologically-wise materials you can get in a diaper. The natural fibres found in prefolds are the healthiest option for your baby's skin. Easy and straightforward to wash and dry! There's nothing on the diaper that can break or wear-out quickly (think elastics, velcro, etc.) They're über-absorbent. Prefolds are the ultimate grow-with-baby diaper. You just fold the diaper down as far as fits your baby best – very customizable. And of course, they are the cheapest way to cloth diaper. If you are needing to diaper on a budget or just want a no-frills way to get the job done, prefolds are by far the least expensive option. They will easily last through multiple children, as well, helping your savings stack up. If you are still unsure of how EASY it is to use prefolds, check out this video on our YouTube channel. Other Resources for you:

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