Over the last couple of weeks here on the blog, we've taken a quick look back over 2010 at the most popular diapers and accessories of the year. Today we'll take a sneak peek at the trends that are shaping up for 2011. Basically, parents are choosing diapers based on eco-friendly living and smart money choices. (Surprise, surprise...) Trend #1: Organic and Natural Fibres
Eco-friendly materials are definitely the name of the game in 2011. Organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp all satisfy parents who are looking for more sustainable materials, and the BabyKicks One-Size Organic fitted diaper, the Stretch Bamboozle Bamboo fitted diaper, and the AMP Hemp fitted diaper are rising to the top as Parent Favourites. Trend #2: Newborn to One-Size Diapers One-size diapers are fabulous for increasing your savings from infanthood to toddlerhood, but they don't always fit so well in the first few weeks of life. Thus, parents are choosing to pair newborn nappies (the cutest diapers - bar none!) with one-size diapers to get the best use out of both. For N&G parents, the TiniFitKissaluvs Size 0, and the new Organic Cotton Newborn Pack are definitely get the top raves for newborn sizing.  BabyKicks 3G, the Tots Bots Easy-Fit, and the Canadian-Made AMP One-Size Duos are rising to the top in popularity for the infant-to-potty-training variety. Trend #3: Back-to-basics Prefolds and Covers We've written many posts on the beauty and simplicity of using prefolds, as well as have a prefold photo tutorial on our main site, and thus it's no surprise to us that a large number of parents are choosing the simple, money-wise option of using prefolds and covers to cloth their babes. You can get these classic diapers in a box set or a la carte. Hemp prefolds are also available individually. Trend #4: Style This trend isn't coming directly from parents, per se, but parents who are wanting to show off their babies' bums have definitely fueled the fire on this one. Look no further than the limited edition artist prints on the Bum Genius 4.0's and Elemental one-size AIO's, as well as all the luscious new Super Whisper Wrap Covers from Bummis. Of course, the EasyFit always gets an honourable mention in the "cute" division, too! So, there you have it. So far 2011 is shaping up to be eco-friendly, stylish, and money-smart, just like all of you. We'd love to know - what trend will top your priority list this year? Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash