When it comes time for a child to move from diapers to “going” on the potty, training pants are an essential tool in the process. The best reason to use cloth trainers – regardless of whether you have used cloth while diapering – is that cloth gives easy feedback on the sensation of being wet, which helps a child learn and ultimately speeds up the entire process of learning to use the potty. This is, of course, in addition to the great cost savings of using cloth! And there are some great cloth training pants available that give parents lots of options, regardless of how you go about instructing your child about the toilet. (For more information about various potty training philosophies, check out our training pants page.) Here are three great cloth options to consider: Bummi Training Pants are the classic cloth training pant. They are a pull-up style, which mimic “big kid” underwear, thus getting your child used to the idea and “how-to’s” of briefs and panties. They have a colorful waterproof outer and plenty of absorbency to catch a big accident. BabyKicks One-Size pocket diaper is both a birth-to-potty diaper and a training pant. It’s made of organic cotton and bamboo, complete with fleece around the legs for durability and softness, as well as a soft waterproof outer. During the diapering years, it’s a one-size pocket diaper, but due to its shape, it can easily be made into a pull-up training pant just by using the widest and tallest set of snaps on the wings. (Alternatively, if you are practicing elimination communication or are potty training a smaller child, having various customizable snap options to create a pant that is unique to your child while still easy to pull on and off is a super-good feature!) Pssst - the new BabyKicks 3G will be here very soon! Using the Babykicks Pocket as a diaper and as a trainer obviously helps parents save even more by not having to purchase trainers in addition to diapers. Its design is also handy not only because it gives kids an easy pull-up, but in the case that your child’s accident is a #2, the snaps allow the diaper to open rather than having to have the whole mess creating havoc down your child’s legs while you take it off. BabyKicks One-Size organic fitted diaper is identical in shape to the Bumboo, but it doesn’t have a waterproof outer or fleece leg gussets, so the entire diaper is made of natural fibres, including organic cotton and organic hemp. It has the same great features as the Bumboo, and not having a waterproof outer gives kids an even greater awareness of being wet. So, there are three options to check out - as always, if you have any questions, be sure to check out our Learning Centre. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, feel free to e-mail us at customercare@blog.newandgreen.com. Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash