Canada is made up of all kinds of folks and all kinds of water. Depending on where you live, you may have soft, hard or ROCK hard water. Generally the coasts have softer water and inland, especially the prairies have hard water. It all depends on the source and how much mineral content there is in your water.


Washing laundry, especially cloth diapers, in harder water can be tricky as those minerals can make typical detergents less effective. But Kim at Rockin Green has tuned into this and has made Rockin Green available in three formulations that are designed to work with different water qualities. Earlier we posted a resource for our families close to home in BC, but now we've blown it wide open.  From Newfoundland to BC and everywhere in between, we have your number. And if you don't see your city/town listed, we've built a toolbox for you to find your number. Okay, Canadians, here is your resource to find the right Rockin Green for you!

~Photo Credit Sifto Canada Corporation

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