As part of our Earth Day 2010 Contest, Gina shares her thoughts on how an education in cloth diapers bolstered her family's decision to jump in, right from day 1! For my hubby and I the biggest barrier to choosing cloth diapering for our future little man was the worry that they were going to be very confusing and a lot of extra work.  Most of our family told us that we were crazy and had no idea what we were in store for, which wasn't helping us out much.  So we only had the support of each other.  After doing a lot of research we started to believe that they weren't going to be a lot of work but were still very confused about the different types, brands, washing, etc. I signed the hubby and I up for a cloth diapering workshop with New & Green.  After the workshop we felt confident about using and caring for cloth diapers.  This helped us come to the decision that we were going to cloth diaper 100% from day 1 and were no longer scared about being overwhelmed.  Since we made this decision, we've discovered that our grandparents on both sides are extremely supportive of our decision to cloth diaper and they have told us that they are proud of us for looking into what is better for our little guy and the environment. Now we're having a ton of fun slowly stocking up on our supply of diapers and accessories, and love showing them off to anyone who will tolerate us!  They are all suprised by how far cloth diapers of come and are shocked that they aren't what they expected! *The opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the contest entrant and do not necessarily reflect that of New & Green Baby Co.  We wish to thank all of our contest entrants who graciously shared their stories to help further the education and support of families wishing to cloth diaper their children.  Read more about our Earth Day 2010 Contest. Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash