Last week, we asked you "How would you convince your friends to give a Swimmi a try?" And these are the top 10 things you'd share about using Swimmis:
  1. Tell them how much money they'd save!
  2. Tell them how they would stop creating garbage after each swim!
  3. Tell them how CUTE they are!
  4. Tell them that they could be passed on to another baby.
  5. Tell them that they are totally effective at keeping the poop contained!
  6. Tell them that they are easy to care for (ie wash with swimsuit)!
  7. Tell them they are chemical-free.
  8. Tell them that they are breathable.
  9. Tell them that they actually fit smaller babies.
  10. Tell them that they are easy to use (in particular to achieve a good, snug fit and to take off at the end of swim)
Thank you to all who provided their wise words. Our randomly selected winner (comment number between 1-20 generated by is Thea on comment #7.  Congratulations!  Thea - please contact us within 10 days to claim your swimmi! And for some more Swimmi fun, head over to our Facebook Page ("like" us if you don't already ;)) and see what else you can get up to!  See you there. **** Update:  An honest oversight on our part.  When posting the winner, we randomly drew comment number 7 and contacted this mom to give her the prize.  We have had someone point out that the same person made comment 6 & 7 so to make everything fair and right, we have randomly (using generated another number to award another Swimmi.  The next winner is comment number 17 - Rachelle.  Rachelle, please contact us by August 1st to claim your prize! Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash