As part of our Earth Day 2010 Contest, Meaghan M (our winner in the New Mom  category) shares her journey to successfully using cloth diapers with her daughter:
We started our cloth diapering experience by attending a Cloth Diaper 101 Workshop by New & Green when I was still pregnant.  The best part of attending this great workshop was my husband's enjoyment of the learning experience.  On our way out he said 'I could have listened to that for another 2 hours!', as compared to the breastfeeding class we had been to that day, which he almost fell asleep in (Kresha was the fabulous instructor at this workshop). After the class we were so excited to pick up or Newborn Rental Kit and check it all out, but we still didn't have a baby...Charlotte came two weeks late, on February 27, 2010.  We used disposables for a couple of days settling in, then jumped full steam ahead into our rental kit, and loved it!  When our time was up with the rental, we (reluctantly) used disposables for a couple of weeks until we had decided on and ordered our own set of prefolds. The first time my husband put the disposable on he said 'How do these things work?', which is a real testament to how easy the cloth were. Now we're two days into using our prefolds and consider ourselves true cloth advocates and aficionados!
*The opinions expressed in this blog post are those of the contest entrant and do not necessarily reflect that of New & Green Baby Co.  We wish to thank all of our contest entrants who graciously shared their stories to help further the education and support of families wishing to cloth diaper their children.  Read more about our Earth Day 2010 Contest. Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash