Disposable diapers certainly have their time and place. And certainly no one can argue that the increased use of disposables over the course of the last few decades has changed our culture and society in regards to baby-raising. That said, there are obvious reasons to choose cloth diapers as well and many families are making the switch from disposables to cloth. Here are a few suggestions to make the transition as smooth, easy, and successful as possible. 1. Choose diapers that are as convenient as disposables. The ever-popular bumGenius, the AMP All-in-One diaper, and the new EasyFit All-in-One Diapers are all “baby shaped” like a disposable, offer velcro closures (just like the tabs on a disposable), and are easy and intuitive to deal with once they’re dirty. Many also feature a “stay-dry” layer of fleece or suedecloth to make sure that the fabric next to Baby’s skin stays dry. All in all, these diapers definitely help eliminate frustration and confusion through the transition period! 2. Do what makes it easy for you. Some parents find it easiest to “ease into” the new way of doing things over the course of a few weeks. Others prefer to dive in and make the change all at once. Whichever way you choose, just choose the way that makes it as smooth and stress-free for you as possible. If you’re of the “easing into it” persuasion, perhaps start with just using cloth two or three times a day at home, then use cloth exclusively during the day, then add in cloth at nighttime, and then use them during all your outings. Easing into it can help overcome the psychological barrier of “this is going to be hard!” even though parents usually find – even over the course of just a few days – how easy cloth diapering really can be. If you’re of the “diving in” persuasion, just make sure you’ve got plenty of diapers on hand and you’re all set! You’ll get your new rhythm down in no time. 3. Talk to your partner and other caregivers. Sometimes different parents need different amounts of time to transition. If you’re in this situation, agree perhaps that one parent will “make the switch” first and become the “expert” in the family and can then help the other parent get started. Or perhaps agree that for a certain period of time, each parent can reach for which ever type of diaper he or she so chooses – a disposable at one change and cloth the next, let’s say. In other families, both parents prefer to make the journey together to discover what works best for them. Whichever way works best for you, keep the lines of communication open and have fun doing it. Remember this process is all about doing what is best for you, your baby, and your family – and having fun is ALWAYS good for everyone involved! Here’s to a happy, easy, successful transition! Are you a family in the Lower Mainland wanting to make the switch? We have a couple of programs for you!  Our most popular pre-switch strategy used is attending a Cloth Diaper 101 Workshop with one of our expert leaders.  The second sought after transitioning tool is our Cloth Diaper Tester Program where you can "test the waters" with cloth diapering for a couple of weeks without the finality of commitment. Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash