We recently invited families from our Facebook Page to participate in testing a new to market cloth diapering system and send us in their info - likes, dislikes, suggestions. In our pool of testers were babies from 8 weeks to 2.5 years old with first time and seasoned mothers. Here is the low down on the TAG: Moms loved the trim fit, the softness of the bamboo pad, the surprising absorbency potential and the ease of use. Moms with older babies (read solid poop here) found it easier to use the cover multiple times and just switch out the pad.  Moms with younger babies (read runny poop here) found that more often than not, the inside of the cover got soiled with a major poop and the whole system needed to go into the diaper pail.  The velcro was also cited as easy to use and strong - just enough to keep toddler hands from ripping it open.  The older babies who have clearer communication seemed to find the diaper to be a comfy fit. Our moms had one suggestion for the TAG folks - make the front of the pad a touch bigger/longer.  While all the moms found that this system was leak free (and it was put to the "long car ride", "drinking loads of water" and "overnight" testing rigors), they did find that the front of the pad did not stay tucked up inside the flap at the front of the diaper.  A minor issue that did not affect performance.  One mom found that if she held onto the pad through the cover, it stayed tucked in. Overall, it was rated as a great performer, true to its size range, providing a trim, leak proof and super soft solution for their babies' bottoms! Part of the testing program included a phone-in review from our Tester moms.  Charlotte, the mom of sweet little 8 week old Baby B is the voice in the video above.  Listen to more moms talk about what they loved about the TAG Diapering system below (note that the reviews have been edited for duplicate content and brevity). (more reviews to be added over the coming weeks)

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