Question: Why should you use a diaper pail liner? Answer: To simplify your life! Question: Why should you skip a diaper pail liner? Answer: To keep the number of diapering accoutrements you use to the absolute minimum. There are only two differences between using a pail liner and not – with a liner you can easily dump all the dirty diapers into the wash without touching them and without a liner you just have to be a bit more thorough in making sure your pail is good and clean before you use it again. Other than that, it’s all a matter of preference. On the “pro-liner” side, a good diaper pail liner is somewhere in the $20-30 range and to be honest, two is better than one (just so you can use one while the other is being washed). In our opinion, it’s well worth the extra bucks for a product you’ll use for years to come and that will simplify your laundry routine. On the other hand, depending on your preference and depending on where you keep your diaper pail (right next to the washer, for example), a pail liner may not be the solution for you for keeping things simple – and we’re all for simple. Once your diapers are in the wash, you just need to do a very thorough rinse of your pail, spritz it well with a 50% vinegar/50% water solution, wipe it down two or three times (and throw the cloth in the washer), then let it air dry – if you have time and opportunity to do the dry in the sun (nature’s best bleach and disinfectant!), all the better. Basically, the choice is yours – here’s to keeping life simple! P.S.  We have what might seem like a quirky request.  We all know that we love to see photos of how everyone else does things, in this case, diaper pails, plus or minus liners.  Join in and share.  Snap a shot of your diaper pail setup and post it up on our FaceBook page.  We know there are parents there (like us) that would love to take a gander at your setup! Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash