In the early days of babyhood and diaper changes, having reliable night-time diapers isn’t so much of a challenge. Young infants tend to be changed often due to their waking and sleeping cycles that have no awareness of night and day, and so having diapers that can last for hours and hours overnight isn’t much of a concern. When babies start sleeping through the night, however, or when parents are in the process of teaching a sleep routine to their older infants, having reliable nighttime solutions become much more of an issue. This is when wool can become your best friend! Here’s a run-down of why we at N&G heart wool for night-times: Coupled with an absorbent diaper, wool has natural properties to keep your baby dry, comfortable, and free of diaper rash. Due to the natural lanolin found in wool, it is a naturally water-resistant material and will repel liquid for hours. Then, even when it has reached its saturation point and starts absorbing liquid (like any good fabric will do), it still can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in liquid before it even feels damp! And THEN, even then, it won’t actually leak, but will just feel, well…. damp. Also, due to the breathability of natural fibres, air easily passes through the wool cover to help the pee next to your baby’s skin evaporate, leaving your baby dry for much longer periods of time. This not only helps prevent and treat diaper rash, but helps regulate your baby’s body temperature, keeping him or her warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s easy to keep clean, naturally antibacterial, and provides an easy solution for families who want to use as many natural-fibre products as possible. Wool’s natural antibacterial properties mean you only have to wash the cover once every 1-2 weeks. After a quick swish in the sink with some yummy smelling wool wash followed by a line dry, you’re good to go for another couple of weeks. All the wool options at New & Green are made right here in BC, so you can feel good about buying local! Aristocrats double-layer wool soaker covers (great for nighttime) come to us from the Kootenays and Luxe single-layer wool diaper covers make their start right here in the Lower Mainland in Langley.  One of the New & Green Mamas Bonnie has a particular love for Luxe Wool Diaper Covers.  So much so, she wrote a love letter to her Luxe. Wool may feel like a stretch to think of as a cloth diapering must have, but ask families who have used wool.  They'll tell you they wake up feeling great in the morning because their baby has been dry and comfortable all night long! PS - Other wool to keep your little one happier at night: a wool puddle pad, often used as a mattress pad and a wool doubler to boost the functionality of your single layer wool diaper cover. Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash