When preparing to change your little one's diaper, lay out a fresh diaper on the change table first beside where your baby will lie. Pull out some wipes and wet them. Lay the baby down, undress but before undoing the dirty diaper, put the freshly set up one underneath her bum. Then, open up the dirty diaper, then shut it again – QUICKLY!! There is nothing like fresh air to make a baby pee or poop. This is especially true for little boys. Once you're sure there is no fresh air related deposit happening, then you can use a clean edge of the diaper to wipe the messy areas and then tuck the front of the diaper under your baby's bum. Clean that bottom, and pull out the dirty diaper. Voila - a clean one is under the bum and ready to fasten. Air dry cheeks and then fasten up that diaper. You are good to go!

Often times, the "fresh air" deposit or the “wiping my bum makes me go more” scenario happens repeatedly during diaper changes. Don't feel bad if you go through a bunch of diapers in one change!

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