Disposable diapers contain traces of dioxins, a carcinogenic toxin. The powder substance in disposables that absorbs liquid, sodium polyacrylate, is a super absorbent polymer which was banned from tampons due to links with toxic shock syndrome. Cloth diapers are simply a more natural option and natural = good!

Cloth diapers contain blowouts better than disposables, which means fewer outfit and bedding changes.


Canadian and US landfills absorb over 41 billion disposable diapers a year. Each diaper is anticipated to take 250-500 years to decompose.

Your Pocket Book

It’s rare that making a more environmentally sensitive choice actually saves you money. Although the upfront investment is more, cloth saves most people one to two thousand or more in the long run.

There are loads of misconceptions about cloth diapers. Modern cloth truly is easy. Not convinced? Listen up:



You have to scrape poop

Check out flushable liners or diaper sprayers. These modern inventions make handling poopy diapers an absolute breeze.

Cloth diapers are bulky

There are loads of diaper styles on the market. Yes, some are bulkier. If a trim fit is important to you, you can have it!

Cloth Diapering ‘on the go’ is hard

It’s easy! Put a few diapers in your diaper bag along with an odor and waterproof wet bag, and you’re set to go. When you get home, just toss the diapers and wetbag right into your pail.

I’ll prick my baby with pins

Although diaper pins are still available, they’re really a thing of the past. Most diapers close with either aplix (Velcro) or snaps. If you use prefolds, the snappi makes fastens easy as pie.

Cloth Diapers leak

If you have a good fit and change your baby regularly, leaking is not an issue. Many parents find newborn poop is actually better contained in cloth diapers rather than disposables!

Cloth Diapers are expensive

Using cloth diapers can actually save you over a thousand dollars depending on the kind of cloth diapers you choose.

You have to do laundry non-stop

Using cloth diapers means an additional 2-3 loads of laundry per week. With all the laundry you’ll be doing for your lil munchkin, you’ll barely notice it. Just empty your pail liner and diapers right into the machine and press start…it’s super easy.

My baby won’t sleep through the night

There’s a nighttime solution to keep every baby comfortable. You can absolutely use cloth diapers for naps, long trips, and overnight no matter how heavy your baby wets.

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