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Wipes Sample Pack


Wipes Sample Pack


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Brand: New and Green Baby Co.

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Overwhelmed with so many choices for cloth wipes? Don't want to buy a pack of each?

Why not try them all with this sample pack. One of each cloth wipe we stock is included. Then, once you've tried them all out, buy whichever ones you like!

Remember, cloth wipes aren't all or nothing either! You can use some disposables also! Soft wipes are great for pee cleanups. Wipes with a bumpy texture to them are great for poopy messes.

You can always find a different use for the ones you don't like to use for bum changes. Reuseable liners, kitchen facecloths, bath cloths, cleaning cloths... the list goes on!



AMP, Applecheeks, Bummis, Blueberry, bumGenius, Colibri, GroVia, Imagine Baby, Thirsties 

Plus you save 10% off the actual cost!



How to tell the difference between the wipes:


Applecheeks and GroVia:

- The weave of the Applecheeks wipes has larger loops than the GroVia


bumGenius, Blueberry and Thirsties

- bumGenius is a flannel wipe with the tag "Cotton Babies"

- Blueberry has a tag

- Thirsties has a tag with a lot number and has two sides. One is an flannel and the other is a bumpier terry style weave. You will recieve one of three colours: white, green or orange


Bummis and Imagine Baby

Both have a multicoloured thread trim. 

- Bummis is a flannel

- Imagine Baby has one side with a terry style weave (large loops)


Colibri and AMP

Both have a smooth side and a textured side. 

- AMP is slightly rougher on one side and has a textured side that is similar the whole way across. The stitching is white and a single row. 

- Colibri has a textured side that is more marbled like fleece and the stitching along the edge has two rows. When washed both sides feel really soft. 


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