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Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener


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Brand: Snappi Baby

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Some diapers don't have any fasteners, such as prefold diaper. As a new cloth diaperer, prefold diapers intimidated me as they weren't shaped anything like pampers and didn't seem intuitive to use. With some practice and permission given to do it wrong a few times, I had it down pat and now love the flexibility and infinite ability to get the fit "just right".

Why Snappi's? Because they are effective, fast and easy to use. Use a Snappi to secure a prefold and the result is a snug fitting diaper in all the areas that you need it to be snug - around those little legs and around the waist.

How many do you need? Well, that depends on you as a diaper changer and if you are a person that misplaces things. If you have only one change area and you always put things back where they belong, you only need one Snappi per 6 months of use. If you have more than one change area and are using Snappis full time, or you want some variety, then more than one Snappi is the choice for you. We recommend that you replace your Snappi every 6 months. If you are buying all your Snappis at once, get a minimum of 4 to last you the first 2 years.

The Snappi® Diaper Fastener revolutionized cloth diapering! Over 50 million have sold worldwide. It is an EASY to use fastener that offers a practical and reliable way to fasten a cloth diaper, replacing the diaper pin. It comes in a variety of colors and is made from a stretchable non-toxic material, which is T-shaped with grips on each end. These grips hook into the diaper fabric to ensure a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for the baby.

Snappis WORK BEST with Indian cotton prefolds and other cloth diapers with a loose enough weave for the Snappi to hook into. They DO NOT work well flannel or any other tightly woven diapers.


  1. ALWAYS use a cover when using a Snappi® fastener on your baby's diaper.
  2. Keep out of children's reach when not in use!
  3. Do not use your Snappi® for longer than 6 months.
  4. Do not leave your Snappi® lying in the sun as it is not UV resistant and can reduce the effectiveness of the Snappi®.

CAUTION: Any tear in the Snappi can lead to separation of a piece, presenting a possible choking hazard. Do not cut your Snappi as this could create weak spots in your Snappi®. Inspect your Snappi before each use and discontinue use immediately if there is any sign of cracking, tearing, breakage or wear of the teeth or any other parts.


  • Safer than pins - no more pinpricks for baby or parent!!
  • Reliable - a snug fitting diaper to prevent those dreaded leaks
  • Durable - no snaps that can become brittle/rust, nor any velcro to catch all the lint in the wash!! At least if your Snappi® fastener needs to be replaced, your expensive diaper is not wasted!!
  • Economical - affordable fastener that works very well with the less expensive flat, prefold or contour cloth diapers
  • Easy to use - allows first time parents, grandparents and people with arthritic problems to cloth diaper with ease. It is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3
  • This unique product was invented by a father who experienced frustration changing his own child's diapers. A snap solution to easier cloth diapering!

Care Instructions

Clean your Snappi® in hot soapy water. Do not launder them with diapers in the washer as this may weaken the grip attachment.


  1. STRETCH the Snappi® fastener before its first use. The stretching triggers the 'memory' of the Snappi® to return to its original size, and in so doing, will pull the diaper together to the middle to allow for a snug fit. This is essential for the Snappi® to work properly. This can be done by holding the Snappi® in the center with one hand, and close to the end of the leg with the other hand. Then s-t-r-e-t-c-h a few times (10 or so). As you do this you should feel how the material 'softens' or gets more elastic. Follow this stretching procedure with each leg. The Snappi® is now ready to go! 
  2. Make sure that the Snappi® is ATTACHED SECURELY. It is important that the Snappi® 'leg' being attached be stretched across the diaper before hooking it into the diaper. When attaching the Snappi®, hold onto the solid part of the tab. DO NOT pull on the loops.  


  1. Hook Left, 
  2. Stretch ACROSS and Hook Right, 
  3. Stretch DOWN and Hook Center 

In other words, the Snappi® fastener should go from a T shape to a Y shape.

By following these instructions, the Snappi® should be secure and the diaper will fit snugly. ALWAYS place a cover over the diaper and Snappi® fastener.

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