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Bummis/Mini Kiwi One Size Pocket Diaper - Snap


Bummis/Mini Kiwi One Size Pocket Diaper - Snap


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Brand: Bummis

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This snap closing pocket diaper has 2 colors of snaps; one color is for adjusting the size of your diaper, and the other color is for ensuring a snug, secure and stretchy fit around the waist.

It also features a snap-down adjustment for the umbilical cord, so that you can start using this lovely cloth diaper as soon as your baby is born!

Our Pocket Diaper consists of a waterproof outer fabric with an inner lining in a high tech comfort fabric which wicks the moisture away from your baby’s delicate skin, creating a stay-dry effect.  A wide and stretchy pocket in the back of the diaper is the secret to this easy to use, easy to stuff and very waterproof system.

Each diaper comes with 2 super silky, thirsty inserts which provide the absorbent core of the diaper.

·         The newborn insert is made from 3 layers of rayon from bamboo, and is intended to be used in the beginning with a newborn (8 lbs. and up), and for as long as your baby needs this level of absorbency.

·         The larger adjustable insert has enough absorbency to last most babies up until potty training, but can be used WITH the newborn insert for heavy wetters. It is made from rayon from bamboo and microfiber. This winning combination absorbs quickly and holds a lot of pee!

When washing this reusable cloth diaper, simply un-stuff the inserts and machine wash and dry normally. When your diaper is dry, slide the insert into the pocket and voila! you have a one piece diaper. Easy for you, easy for the babysitter and easy for daycare!

Made in: Canada

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