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Funky Fluff Flex Covers


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Brand: Funky Fluff

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Introducing the new Funky Fluff FLEX One Size Cover!  An all-in-two diaper or a perfect diaper cover. 


  • One Size fit (7-35lbs)
  • Water resistant interior that's easy to wipe clean made from 100% PUL
  • Flaps that work perfectly for securing pad folded pre-folds, flour sack towels or Funky Fluff inserts  Can also be used over fitted diapers (fitteds are especially great for overnight!)
  • Funky Fluff trimness, loved by so many
  • Designed in Canada
  • Each Flex cover can be reused 3 or 4 times in between washes by simply changing the insert inside
  • The AI2 system is simple, economical, and flexible

Although designed to fit with Funky Fluff LUX inserts, it does wonders with prefolds, inserts and fitted diapers of all brands too.

How is FLEX different from Funky Fluff Lux diaper systems?  
Lux diaper systems are narrower through the crotch and fit slimmer.  They do not work well over prefolds or fitted diapers and they have bamboo or Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) lining the cover so they cannot be wiped clean.  

FLEX covers are more generously sized and work well with a variety of inserts and bulkier nighttime diapers like fitteds. The interior is not lined and can be wiped clean and re-used for a few diaper changes when you replace the soiled absorbent insert with a fresh one.  It also features flaps at both ends to help secure pad folded prefolds or flour sack towels in place and they work with any brand of prefold or fitted as well as the Funky Fluff Bamboo and DeLUX inserts.

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