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Old style AppleCheeks Training pants


Old style AppleCheeks Training pants


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Brand: AppleCheeks

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You rock! is in stock! (in small and large only now...)


AppleCheeks™ Learning Pants come in three sizes:

Small - Size 2/3 - Fits approximately 18 - 25lbs

Medium - Size 4/5, approximately 25 - 35lbs

Large - Size 5/6, approximately 30-45+lbs


Made from a poly-cotton blend and lined with PUL where your little person most needs it, AppleCheeks™ Learning Pants are the perfect transition product for the child who is mostly ready for underwear but still has the occasional accident. Two layers of super absorbent microterry in the wet zone make these pants perfect for those moments when the potty is just a little too far, and for kids who really can't hold it, an extra insert boosts absorbency right where it's needed! Please note that these Learning Pants are not intended to replace diapers.

If your child is showing the signs of readiness listed here then Learning Pants are for her!



** Some colours/patterns may not be available at this time, but I am putting in an order soon so email me if you want a specific colour/size!

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