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Bummis Fabulous Wet Bag


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Brand: Bummis

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Colourful, durable and leak-proof. Functional and fun for your diaper bag.

This is a great addition to your diaper bag to make going out with cloth diapers easier than ever.  The Fabulous Wet Bag by Bummis is designed with function and durability in mind.  It is double seamed on three sides and opens with a zipper.  It is finished with a webbing loop to make it easy to attach to a stroller handle, hang from a doorknob or hook or wear around your wrist.
The Fabulous Wet Bag is made with Bummis' signature Super Brite material which is lightweight and flexible yet durable enough to stand up to normal cloth diaper washing routines.  No need to wash this in warm water.  It will survive (and continue to look great) under the regular hot wash and dryer routine that you already have in place for your diapers.


Small: Measures 10"x12" and will hold 2-4 diapers, depending on the size of the diaper.
Medium: Measures 14"x15" and will hold 4-6 diaper, depending on the size of the diaper (perfect for daycare!).
Large: Measures and 24"x24" and is perfect for a hanging diaper pail or great fitting diaper pail liner. This is a generously-sized bag features two closure systems a zipper and a drawstring.
We recommend having two in rotation (clean and dirty) or using 2 in your diaper bag, one for clean fresh diapers and one for dirties - keep everything in its place and organized.

The large size is intended to be used either as a hanging diaper pail or as a great-fitting diaper pail liner.Hang it on a hook or a doorknob. Not only does our Fabulous wet bag do a great job as a diaper pail, but it will also look beautiful on any door knob and wake up your entire diaper changing area!

What do we love most about this wet bag?
    • It has only got one layer of material so it is compact to slip in your bag yet highly functional and leak-proof
    • It has a zipper closure.  As a mom used to doing things with only one hand, it's great being able to easily open and close it.  Drawstring closures simply can't match this functionality.  And the worry of anything escaping the bag is eliminated with a zipper.
    • It has a webbing loop.  That means that if I just want to take one change out with me, I can put it all (and another wet bag) inside the bag (diaper + wipes + wet bag), zip it shut and carry it by the webbing. Or, I can have it in the bathroom for rinsed off diapers.  Or I can keep it on my stroller if my basket is full of other essentials. 
  • And lastly, it can be repurposed.  Once I am finished with diapers, trainers and wet pants...I can still use it.  It makes a great toiletries bag, dirty laundry bag for travelling, wet bag for swimming...the list goes on.

Care Instructions

Turn inside out for proper washing. Wash and dry with your cloth diapers at normal temperatures in washer and dryer. Please avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or any other whitening agents.

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