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Nap and Nighttime Options


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Finding a night-time solution that works for you is always possible, whether your baby is a super-soaker or not.

Typically, two options work best for nighttime, irrespective of the cloth diapering system you use during the day.

(1) Pocket Diaper. Take a pocket diaper and add two to three inserts. Be careful not to over-stuff so that it doesn’t fit properly (and potentially leaks), but you want to ensure you have enough absorbent material to handle a long night stretch. We typically recommend that you use a combination of microfiber and hemp inserts. Place the microfiber insert on top of the hemp insert and stuff both into the pocket opening. Microfiber is a fast absorbing material, which will soak up wetness from your baby quickly. Although hemp absorbs more slowly, it can hold an incredible amount of liquid. Alternatively, use a flip organic cotton insert in the pocket. This is an incredibly absorbent insert that should stand up to a night!

(2) Fitted + Cover. Fitteds offer great absorbency and if you pair it with a wool cover for great breathability and absorbency (wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in liquid) you'll have no problems. (This is usually the best option for the heaviest of wetters!) 

(3) Grovia ONE. Many people have success using this diaper for naps and even overnight. 

For naps and when nighttime training, you can use a GroVia Trainer with a booster or a flip trainer depending on the size of your child and the amount they pee! You can even use inserts, boosters or prefolds you already have!

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