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Bummis Fabulous Flo Pads - Three Pack - Assorted


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Brand: Bummis

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Made from the leftover fabric used to make the bummis bibs and diaper covers!

  • soft, breathable organic cotton against the skin
  • super absorbent with a waterproof backing - no more leaks!
  • slim, trim and contoured for an amazing fit
  • comfy and non toxic - no more plasticky disposables
  • even easier to use on-the-go when paired with our fabulous flo bag
  • the heavy pad comes in two separate pieces for added leak protection at night (the waterproof barrier is slightly wider than the cotton pad, this catches any excess liquid and prevents wicking, especially while lying down)
  • the panty liner pairs perfectly with a menstrual cup
  • simple to wash with a regular load of laundry on cold or warm 
  • eco-friendly and made in canada with exquisite attention to detail, using fabrics manufactured in the usa
  • the prints included may vary from those shown in the photos

how to use fabulous flos?

prep: prewash the pads with detergent at least once to make them more absorbent before you use them the first time.

use: attach the pads to your underwear using the wings with snaps. enjoy! for the heavy pad, snap the absorbent piece to the waterproof liner first.

change: when you change your pad rinse it in cold water (if possible) and store it in a waterproof bag. we designed our fabulous flo bags specifically for this purpose. good news! you are getting one in this kit.

wash: wash your pads on a regular cycle in cold or warm water. you can wash them with your clothes. seriously? yes! there should be no stain transfer, especially if you rinsed your pads property's after you used them.

tip! if staining on the pads themselves bothers you, soak them in cold water until laundry time. change the water at least once per day and soak for up to two days.


 ** heavy: 3 super absorbent organic cotton pads + 1 detachable waterproof backing (reuse the backing with a fresh pad!)

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