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Colibri Reuseable Straws + Cleaners (No Packaging)

Colibri Silicone Straws are made in Canada using 100% silicone. They are 10" long, BPA free and tested to meet Health Canada and FDA standards.  The stopper ring at the... Learn More


Spray Pal Shield (See Description for details)

Due to covid-19 I am in short supply of boxes that will fit the spray pal. If you purchase half a stash of diapers or a full stash of diapers... Learn More
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Colibri Small Snack Bag

Go litterless! Save $ and brighten up your lunch!! Measuring 4 x 6 inches, these bags hold 1 cup and are great for sliced fruit/veggies and other snacks. Made in... Learn More


Colibri Wide Snack Bag

Go litterless! Save $ and brighten up your lunch!! Measuring 2.5x11 inches this unique size is great for reusable straws up to 10" long. Or use for storing utensils, pencils,... Learn More


GroVia Magic Stick Z Diaper Balm

Our best selling Magic Stick diaper balm now with healing Zinc! We've taken our all natural Magic Stick base and added 20% non-nano Zinc Oxide.  Zinc powder is a safe mineral that allows baby's irritated skin... Learn More
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Beco 8 Baby Carrier

Designed for you to wear your baby any way you want, this ergonomic baby carrier is a combination of all the features your heart could desire. From infancy to toddlerhood,... Learn More


AMP Bamboo Boosters

Need to boost the absorbency of your diapers? 2 layers of super soft and absorbent Bamboo blended with organic cotton make these boosters the perfect way to add absorbency without... Learn More
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AMP Swim Diaper

Are you tired of buying expensive swim diapers only to throw them away and have to buy more expensive swim diapers? Imagine throwing out your bathing suit after each swim,... Learn More


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