New & Green Baby Co. is now carrying Oogaa, an imaginative collection of mealtime accessories that make eating a blast! All oogaa feeding products are constructed from silicone. Unlike widely used plastic baby feedware, they will not leach potentially harmful chemicals and they are bacteria and mold resistant.
Silicone is a safe, durable and environmentally responsible material that's better for your baby and the world they'll inherit one day. In many funky designs, including a train, a plane and a tugboat, the creative feeding spoons make feeding easier for grown-ups while soft, bright silicone shapes are perfect for little hands just getting the hang of the whole spoon thing. Pair these fun utensils with tough and tumble ready silicone bowls that take whatever's thrown in them. No more chips, cracks or smashes when these go whoops-a-daisy. When it comes time to feed baby, oogaa is a great choice! Available separately, or in sets!
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