Who doesn't love fall? It's the perfect time for couch snuggles and warm cozy clothes. Now your little ones can share in the fun. Babylegs are cute little leg warmers that are the perfect combo with cloth diapers, or under a fall dress or pants for an extra layer of warmth.  We think these are the little black dress of the diapering world! They coordinate with just about any outfit and you gotta have some in your drawer whether you're a little guy or gal. Babylegs also work great as arm warmers, and help protect your munchkin's little knees as they crawl. Available in loads of cute designs, you can never have too many Babylegs. In addition to a wide selection of prints and colors in the regular Babylegs line, New & Green Baby Co. also carries bumGenius Babylegs. This special collection is designed to coordinate with bumGenius diaper colors, allowing you to mix and match styles to jazz up any outfit.       Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash