If you read our previous blog post, you'll have a pretty good sense of whether you have build up in your cloth diapers. Now, it's time to get it out! There are a few products on the market that work really well at restoring your cloth diapers to a place of great function once again. (1) RLR. OK, so maybe the packaging is old school. But the very fact this product doesn't need to update its packaging and it still sells like hot cakes is a very good sign that what's inside is pretty amazing. RLR works super well for stripping down your diapers, particularly mineral deposits as well as detergent which can happen in areas with hard water. Use 1/2 pack of RLR for a front loading machine and a full pack for a top loading machine. Put the RLR into the machine with your cloth diapers during the hot cycle with detergent (both can go in together) and then rinse like crazy until you see no more bubbles. We usually estimate 3-5 hot rinses, but some folks will need more.   (2) GroVia Mighty Bubbles GroVia Mighty Bubbles is relatively new to the market but it works great! One thing that is neat about it is the fact that not only is it great at getting at mineral deposits, it's also really quite good at busting ammonia in your diapers. Unlike the RLR which you can toss in with detergent, GroVia finds that Mighty Bubbles tends to work best on CLEAN diapers. So for the best stripping results, use the GroVia Mighty Bubbles on a set of clean diapers. You won't need as many rinses as with the RLR as supposedly just one hot rinse after will have your diapers in great shape again. (3) Rockin' Green Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer Ammonia be gone with the Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer. The most common way that folks use Funk Rock is part of their regular wash routine. They put some Funk Rock in every pre-wash cycle as a maintenance strategy to ward off the stinkies.     Wondering what our favorites are at New & Green? We love RLR and GroVia Mighty Bubbles, so recommend trying out those two first. However, as with everything in the cloth diapering world, it all comes down to personal preference and user experience...go with that works for you and your cloth diapers!   Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash