Since bringing these diapers in over a year ago, we've gotten nothing but rave reviews about this mini-me diaper.  It blends a few things together to push it high up on the list of faves:
  1. It actually fits the tiniest of tinies, from 5-13lbs.
  2. Natrual bamboo (ever-so-soft) next to baby's skin in the "wet-zone"
  3. Absorbent & waterproof layer sewn together to make it a one step on, one step off diaper
  4. Absorbent layers are designed to be only two layers at any point during the washing and drying steps, so this process is thorough and quick
  5. This diaper comes with an additional absorbency pad that can be put inside the diaper when your baby needs it, ie getting towards the bigger end of the size range, going through a growth spurt or sleeping through the night (or at least a good few hours in a row!).  The option of not having the extra pad in the diaper allows for a trimmer fit when the diaper's absorbency doesn't need to be maxed out.
  6. The diaper fastens with velcro.  For new parents and for the many shapes and sizes that newborns come in, this is a good thing.  It's super easy and super adjustable.
  7. It's made in Scotland.
The only downside that we see with this little diaper is that it's rise (how high it comes up on the tummy) may be a tich too high for smaller newborns during their "umbilical stump" stage which can last anywhere from 4 days to two weeks.  For some babies, this is not an issue. Some families choose to use these for their entire diaper collection, keeping things uniform and simple.  Other families will choose to  a very simple, prefold system with these diapers as their "easy diaper".  A typical amount of diapers for a newborn collection is 24, with a two day washing cycle. Go and check these diapers out.  On the New & Green Site you'll find them on the product page with their big sister, the Easy Fit which we recommend for babies from 10-35lbs. Have you used a TiniFit for your little?  Mamas over on our Facebook Page have and they LOVE it! Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash