Today our featured mom is Pamela. How old are you? 28 What did you do (from a working perspective) before your baby arrived? I work as a medical/surgical LPN. Are you currently at home with your baby/children or working in/out of the home? Home with my daughter How old is your baby? 3 months When did you decide to cloth diaper? Many, many years ago. As long as I can remember I have planned to cloth diaper my children. When did you start cloth diapering? 2 weeks after Claire was born What is/are your favourite diaper(s)? Right now I love my Micro Doodlez. Very trim on my 10-lber, nice and absorbent. The only downfall is that they take sooo long to dry! (Hey Pamela - have you considered Easy Fits - they offer that same great trimness AND a much reduced dry time!) My day in a nutshell 8:30 am - Claire starts fussing, I roll over and nurse her trying to get her to go back to sleep...I'm not much of a morning person, so this is how most mornings start. She starts kicking and cooing after she is done eating, so I know I'm done for....Time to get up! We head into the nursery to change and dress her for the day. Today is BootCamp day, so I get dressed in my workout clothes and brush my teeth while she plays on the bed. 9:10 am - Alright Monkey, your turn! Diaper change...EEK! Guess I didn't get the new diaper on quick enough and she peed everywhere. She thinks it's hilarious when she does that, full of smiles! Clean her up, new diaper on. Reach for the clothes, and hear the unmistakable sound of a full diaper....I turn to her, and with my cutest baby voice "You've GOT to be kidding!" I don't mind though...It's moments like this that I'm glad I use cloth, so I don't care if a diaper is only worn for a minute....Just get to pick another cute one! 9:30 am - We go downstairs, Claire spends a bit of time in her swing while I have breakfast and get us packed for the day. 9:50 am - We head out the door for some Stroller bootcamp. Time to work off the babyweight! 11:30 am - Home from bootcamp, thank goodness it wasn't raining today, and Claire napped through! Feed & change Claire, and then she spends some quality time with her bouncy chair while I take a shower. :) 12:15 pm - put Claire in the Ring Sling and start the laundry. Diapers go into the wash for a quick wash on cold, extra rinse, heavy soil, with one scoop Funk Rock 12:30 pm - Claire isn't liking the sling today, so she goes into her exersaucer/jolly jumper while I put on the coffee and make some lunch. 1:15 pm - Nap time! Nurse Claire to sleep in the sling, and turn the diapers on for their wash load.  Heavy duty, Heavy soil, Hot/cold, extra rinse, with two scoops Rockin Green Classic. Sit and enjoy coffee while Claire naps. 3:20 pm - Claire starts fussing, nurses a little, and then dozes off again. 3:40 pm - Yay, DH is home!! He puts the diapers in the dryer for me, low heat, sensor dry. 4:00 pm - Claire is up for good....Hand her over to DH for some Daddy-Daughter time while I make supper. 5:00 pm - she's hungry again....Nurse her, then feed myself! 6:00 pm - DH is going to be out for the evening, so they enjoy a bit more quality time while I have some quality Mommy time and fix her bibs! I spend some time sewing some snaps onto them, as they are all too big for her skinny neck and the drool just skips them altogether! 7:00 pm - Back on Mommy Duty. Claire feels warm, and has been pretty snotty and fussy all day....Temp of 101, bit of tylenol, nurse her to sleep, wrap her up in the Woven Wrap for a  nice cozy cuddly Mommy nap. 7:30 pm - Take the diapers out of the dryer, and realize they're kind of smelly....Ick! I've never had this problem before, so I do a bit of reading. Toss them all in the laundry sink with 4tTbls Rockin' Green.....we'll be rockin' a soak overnight. 8:30 pm - Up to bed, Nurse Claire to sleep while I read a bit, then doze off myself. Next morning.... Wow, I can't believe the water the diapers are soaking in is still warm! Toss them in the wash on Quick Wash, Hot/Cold to rinse out the yuckies. Half hour later, I do another hot/cold quick wash cycle with 4Tbsp. funk rock, and let them soak for an hour. Another quick wash, hot/cold, extra rinse, and into the dryer they go! Finally, 20 minutes later, they come out smelling fresh, cleaner than they've ever been!

This interview was submitted February 17, 2011.

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