A day in the life of an expectant parent - An introduction to Baby Planners Let us introduce you to Sarah. Sarah is a thirty-something professional in our city – she loves Vancouver (though hails from Toronto), she drinks decaf lattes, and she hits up the shops on 4th Ave. whenever she can for some retail therapy. And now, she's expecting her first baby. You can imagine her excitement! The next year will be monumental for Sarah and her husband, John - full of emotion, joy, and..... decisions. She hasn't taken care of a baby since she was 16 and babysitting, though she feels confident that it can't be too hard. Through the months, the questions pile up. A friend suggests getting a midwife, but she wonders which clinic to call and what questions to ask. Space is at a premium in their 900-square-foot apartment, so how will the crib, dresser, and change table all fit and still leave room for the big rocker she's always wanted? When she overhears moms talking about cloth diapers, she realizes it hasn't even crossed her mind to think about diapering. To top it all off, when she and John go to create their baby registry, they find themselves standing in the baby aisle at a large department store staring at the multitude of choices in front of them. Feeding gear, bibs, breast pumps... baffled and overwhelmed, they leave the store discouraged with nothing on their registry. Sarah thinks, “There has to be a better way.” There is definitely an easier way! Sarah and John are the perfect example of what new parents often feel when they enter into the big world of the baby industry. Not everyone has family nearby for support, or experienced friends with babies, or the time and effort to prepare for the baby. And everyone from friends to store clerks has different opinions. Let us introduce you to our friends at Oh Baby Baby Planners whose job it is to help minimize or eliminate the feelings of stress or uncertainty for soon to be parents. Here are five reasons why a baby planner could benefit Sarah and John (and you too!): 1. Save time. Let's face it. Sarah and John want to take advantage of the precious months they have together just as a couple - not wasting their weekends driving all over town test driving strollers or surfing the net for reviews on breast pumps. Baby Planners provide product and service recommendations, personal shopping services, even provide delivery, assembly and “training” in how to use all your new gear. 2. Save money. Baby Planners will help you get it right the first time by choosing the right gear and services to suit your budget and lifestyle! They also help you find the best deals and discounts whether through our great relationships with local retailers, or through our savvy online shopping skills. 3. De-stress. Preparing for a new baby is so exciting – but for most parents, it’s also a very stressful time. You are faced with a multitude of problems and choices you have likely never considered before. If only Sarah knew that a very reputable midwife just opened a few doors down from her office. Baby Planners can help you narrow your choices for you so your decision making process is relaxing and fun! 4. Find your parenting groove. Baby Planners are on top of all of the current parenting trends, styles, and techniques. They’ll present options to you in a non-condescending and non-judgmental way. They can recommend techniques, books, and resources that suit your baby and your style. For example, recommending John and Sarah to attend a New & Green Cloth Diaper workshop is a great way to introduce them to cloth diapering. 5. Personal Concierge, anyone? Baby Planners are here to help you manage all the details that need to get done before your baby arrives. Maybe you are on bed rest, or working overtime, or new to the city, or left things a little late - they are your go-to girls for everything Baby. No question is silly and no task is too small. They are here to support you through your journey into parenthood. Note from New & Green: Oh Baby Baby Planners offer services for adoptive parents too! If you are needing cloth diapers and other baby supplies in a hurry or you've already had your baby and want help thinking through the options, a baby planner may be just the way to go. This post was contributed by Camille Paulhus of Oh Baby Baby Planners.

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