We are well into 2011 (can you believe that February is knocking already?), but wanted to give you a quick look back at our most popular diapers of 2010. #5 The XS Fuzzi Bunz.  This diaper makes it into our Newborn Rental Kit because its tiny and it works well.  Parents love the trim fit and the ability to use it from day one.  It fits babies from 4-12lbs.  How could it be anything but cute?! #4 The Organic Cotton Prefold.  This is a tried and true solution.  Many parents that are looking to balance the baby budget start off their days using organic cotton prefolds and sealing the deal with the Bummis Kit.  It's a no brainer way to start out and it saves loads of money in those 12 changes a day months. #3 The bumGenius 4.0 in Snaps.  Parents have heard of this diaper.  Its a well known and well loved brand that can take you from almost birth to training pants or underwear.  The stay dry lining and impressive absorbency along with ease of use make this one a popular choice.  It's often one that parents transition to when they outgrow those little organic cotton prefolds.  The release of the snap version was very very well received, indeed. #2 The EasyFit.  An awesome diaper on all accounts.  Easy to use, easy to wash, easy to dry.  This is a great choice for families who are wanting an option that is easy for all involved: Mom, Dad, Grandma and Daycare.  And it's little sister, the TiniFit is a spitting image of the EasyFit, though much, much cuter. #1 The BabyKicks 3g.  This diaper has taken Canada by storm.  It's unique features are really hitting with Canadian parents.  An all natural diaper (organic cotton, hemp and bamboo) that is equally impressive in it's trimness and absorbency and has this neat feature of breathable gussets.  That means that it's been able to be bumped to the ranks of "Awesome night diaper" amongst many cloth diapering families.  And did you know it can be used "pull-up" style when you get to the potty learning days? And that's it folks.  Let's see what 2011 brings. What was your top diaper for 2010? Previous: Eucalan No Rinse Wool Wash